About Us
Our Mission Statement
We produce cinema-quality high-definition video, right here in Toledo, Ohio, without the Hollywood price tag. As filmmakers, we seek to carve Toledo's niche in the feature film market by producing films here and luring movie studios to area locations, serving as Northwest Ohio's liaison to Hollywood. And as a video production house, we provide our clients personal service, attention to detail and the feel of a high-end film production within a very modest budget.
Local Focus
Low Fidelity Productions has its lens
on Toledo and Northwest Ohio.
OI BuildingWith so much talent right here in the Midwest...
Toledo SkylineWhy in the world would you go anywhere else?
Making Hollywood-quality feature films is expensive and labor-intensive work, even (or especially) in Ohio.

As independent filmmakers, we know how to make the most of a low budget and put every penny on the screen. But occassionally we need financial assistance to make a project a reality.

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